Code of Conduct

Members should always conduct themselves in manner that reflects the core values of the troop. Whether at public or private events, members who act in a manner other than what is deemed acceptable by other members, may be asked in the moment to make an appropriate change. Documentation will be made by the organizer of the event. Examples of inappropriate activities include failure to follow to troop values or other actions that are detrimental to the activity; including excessive use of substances.

Should a member have repeated disciplinary issues, a special meeting by the executive committee may be called to review the continued membership of the member. Outcome may include disciplinary actions from warnings or even termination. Any member involved in criminal acts or other unlawful actions will receive no warnings and have their membership revoked immediately.

If members have personal issues with other members, they are encouraged to address this with the Leadership Council or appropriate committee member. All members, including executive committee members, will be held to the same standards of discipline if an issue arises.

In short, we all want to have fun and get along in a community environment. Ultimately you should play nice with everyone and treat them as you would like to be treated.